Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Coronavirus COVID 19 and Cancer

Track 2

Cancer Science Current Concepts

Track 3

Organ-Defined Cancers

Track 4

Cancer Stem Cells Bio-markers

Track 5

Cancer Immunology and Pathology

Track 6

Cancer Research with Robotics and AI

Track 7

Carcinogenesis Mutagenesis

Track 8

Nanotechnology in Cancer Therapeutics

Track 9

Cancer Genomics and Oncology

Track 10

Cancer Genetics

Track 11

Breast Cancer

Track 12

Cancer Nursing Palliative Care

Track 13

Gynaecological Cancers

Track 14

Cancer Pharmacology

Track 15


Track 16

Cancer Prevention Vaccines

Track 17

Cancer Biology Epidemiology

Track 18

Cancer Therapy Treatments

Track 19


Track 20

Cancer Prevention Control

Track 21

Cancer Biopsy

Track 22

Integrative Computational Cancer Biology

Track 23

Nutrition in Cancer Care

Track 24

Medical and Clinical Oncology

Track 25

Virology and Oncology

Track 26

Head and Neck Cancer

Track 27

Cancer Clinical Trials