Sophia N Karagiannis

Sophia N Karagiannis

St. John's Institute of Dermatology, Kings College London, UK

Biography :

Professor Sophia Karagiannis is a translational cancer immunologist with academic and biotechnology experience in the USA and UK. She heads a cancer antibody discovery team focused on the crosstalk between patient immune cells and cancer and on the design of novel agents for skin, ovarian and breast cancers. Key areas of research in the Karagiannis laboratory include deriving antibodies from human B cells, engineering antibodies of any specificity or class/isotype, including Fc-engineered antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates for cancer therapy. Her group is the first internationally to design, evaluate and translate anti-tumour IgE class antibodies from concept to clinical testing. Sophia is a founder of Epsilogen Ltd, the first immuno-oncology company dedicated to developing IgE therapeutic agents for cancer. She is author of patents on antibody engineering for cancer therapy and serves as Secretary of the international AllergoOncology Task Force, a multidisciplinary consortium focused on the interface between Th2 immunity, allergies, IgE and cancer.