Catharine Janssen

Catharine Janssen

CEO, BRACAShirts, Canada

Biography :

Catharine Janssen RN is a retired critical care Registered Nurse, Distinguished Toastmaster, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Rotarian, and the entrepreneurial owner of BRACAShirts. She enjoys providing her educational series and presentations to cancer patients to help educate them learn and advocate for their care. She believes “Knowledge is Power”. Her favorite lesson is “Immunology and the Impact of Stress on Cancer”. Catharine also enjoys writing short articles for cancer patient on points of interest for cancer care. Her most recent article is entitled “Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle Change for Breast Cancer Patients”. Catharine is presently writing a book entitled “Advocate for Your Care”. Catharine loves science, reading, music, and is a true advocate for “Paying it Forward”. She lives with her wonderful husband Gerard who helps with her business and is incredibly involved in their St. Thomas, Ontario Canada community as a husband, father, condominium director, and efficacious Rotarian.

Research Interest :