Sinerik Ayrapetyan

Sinerik Ayrapetyan

Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center, Armenia

Biography :

Prof. Sinerik Ayrapetyan has received his PhD in Cell Biophysics in the Institute of Physiology of Ukraine Academy of Sciences, Kiev during the period of 1966-1970. Currently, he is the coordinator of UNESCO/UNITWIN Network in Biophysics, Biotechnology and Environmental health Control. His research includes the study of metabolic regulation of cell function in norm and pathology. He is serving as a Chief Editor for the Journal of “Bioequivalence and Bioavailability”, “Biomedical Engineering Current Research”, “Basic, Applied Pharmacy and Pharmacology” and “Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Research”. He is also an editorial member of several reputed journals like “Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine”, “BBA General Subjects” etc. Prof. Sinerik Ayrapetyan is a member of several international societies. He has authored 7 international books and 115 research articles.